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US Legal™ has developed a unique service to couple real attorneys with potential clients in need of expert legal advice and or services. On this site you as a consumer in need of legal assistance have the ability to locate and communicate with an attorney offering unbundled legal services, such as preparation of legal documents, legal form review, Q&A and related services.

Using this service from US Legal™ you can find an attorney for virtually any legal matter, whether routine or complex.

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What is the Attorney Directory?

The US Legal Attorney Directory is the best place on the web to quickly get in touch with attorneys who can help you. US Legal Attorney Directory is a unique listing of attorneys who have agreed to offer their services at some of the most competitive rates available today. Lawyers can assist you with everything from basic legal form preparation to complex representation.

The US Legal Attorney Directory allows you to select from four different services depending on your needs:
- Ask a legal Question,
- Legal Form Preparation Services by an Attorney,
- Legal Representation for Common Legal Matters,
- and Other Legal Matters.

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