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Construction Law Overview and Information

Construction law deals with any improvement or alteration to real property (“real estate”), including demolition work to clear a site. Law affecting real property have evolved from a broad body of basic laws, regulations, standards, practices, custom, usage, codes and technology.

Construction law encompasses improvements of all sizes and complexity from basic, residential work, to large public works, city planning, and mass transportation. Construction law involves many of the traditionally recognized principals and doctrines of the law, including real property, contracts, torts, business organizations, labor, tax, and others.

Careful drafting of contract terms and definitions in construction contracts eliminates ambiguity and misunderstanding. By providing evidence of the understanding and agreement of the parties to the contract, contract language forms the basis for interpretation and resolution of construct contract claims under the laws of each state.

Attorneys who specialize in construction law assist clients in disputes involving owners, contractors, architects and engineers, surety and insurance coverage related to construction projects, injuries and claims associated with construction sites, as well as issues involving building/structure design.