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DUI Law Overview and Information

All states have laws against driving intoxicated, which vary by state. Legal intoxication is defined as a certain level of blood alcohol content (BAC), usually measurable at .10 or .08 percent. States that use the lower .08 BAC to define intoxication are eligible for more federal assistance, and therefore, there is a trend toward lowering the BAC limit.

State laws, which vary by state, define the penalties imposed on drunk drivers, which range from paying fines to incarceration and loss of vehicle and driving privileges. In general, repeat offenders or offenders with a high BAC level are subject to more severe penalties. Some states have alternative sentencing programs, such as drug/alcohol treatment programs and/or equipping a vehicle with an ignition locking system. Laws against drunk driving usually apply equally to driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance.

Attorneys who practice in this area represent their clients' interests in all phases of the legal process, including:

Booking & Bail
Plea Bargain
Preliminary Hearing
Pre-Trial Motions

A DUI attorney is experienced in conducting a careful scrutiny of the procedure and results of any field sobriety and chemical tests administered in your case. DUI attorneys also typically represent individuals who have been charged with various other traffic violations including but not limited to: speeding, reckless driving, failure to yield, no driver license, and driving under suspension.