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Maritime Law Overview and Information

Maritime law is the law that exclusively governs activities at sea or in any navigable waters. In the United States, federal courts have jurisdiction over maritime law. Under admiralty law, the ship's flag determines the source of law. For example, a ship flying the American flag in the Persian Gulf would be subject to American admiralty law; and a ship flying a French flag in American waters will be subject to French admiralty law. This also applies to criminal law governing the ship's crew. However, this is limited by the doctrine that the ship flying the flag must have substantive contacts with the nation of its flag in order for the law of the flag to apply. Further, American courts may refuse jurisdiction where it would involve applying the law of another country,

Maritime attorneys represent individuals and companies in matters involving operation of ocean shipping, tanker and cruise vessels, shipping contracts and compliance with applicable government regulations of the industry.

Maritime Attorneys in this practice area also represent individuals who have been injured while working in the shipping industry.