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General Practice Overview and Information

As the name implies, general law practice involves handling a wide variety of matters, such as:

* Worker's Comp Claims
* Restraining Orders
* Orders of Protection
* Property Division
* Commercial Law
* Personal Injury
* Criminal Defense
* Family Law
* Personal Injury
* Estate Planning
* Business Law
* Social Security
* Child Custody
* Visitations
* Adoptions
* Guardianship
* Paternity
* Divorce
* Juvenile
* Alimony
* Bankruptcy
* Real Estate
* Elder Law
* Disability

Some of the services that may be performed by a general practioner include, but are not limited to:

Buy, finance, and sell property. Calculate appropriate child support payments. Collect unpaid child support payments. Debt collection. Interpret and evaluate the enforceability of contracts, leases, wills, trusts, and other documents. Develop and legally operate highly regulated and/or licensed businesses. Develop, register, and license intellectual property. Represent clients in allegations of misconduct, regulatory violations, and criminal charges. File or foreclose a Mechanic' Lien, Tradesman's Lien, Materialmen's Lien, or other lien. Plan, form, develop, and finance an LLC or other business structure. Obtain compensation for business and/or personal injuries. Plan and structure both domestic and international business transactions. Plan, develop, and finance construction, and other projects. Protect business/personal interests in the event of marital dissolution. Register trademarks, service marks, and copyrights. Represention of clients before administrative boards. Resolve disputes by arbitration or mediation. Work with government regulators, public officials, and institutional bureaucrats.